TG05 Thin-walled Structures

Mission statement: The mission of TG05 Thin-Walled Structures shall be to facilitate international collaboration that encourages (i) fundamental advances through research, (ii) innovation in design, manufacturing, and construction, and (iii) the dissemination of knowledge through education.

Chair: Dr. Kara Peterman, Northeastern University (current term: May 2015 - May 2018)

Vice-chair:  Dr. Hannah Blum, University of Sydney (current term: March 2017 - March 2020)

Current Activities:

Development of tools that support thin-walled structures behavior and design
Assemble cold-formed steel column test database
Support cold-formed steel student competition
Disseminate North American, European, South American, and Australian code committee activities to TG05 members
Establish a list of tech note topics that introduce modern thin-walled structural stability concepts

Roster: A roster of current members and corresponding members is maintained by SSRC.

Participate: SSRC members interested in joining this Task Group should contact SSRC or the Chair directly. New members are subject to approval by the SSRC Executive Committee. Non-SSRC members interested in the activities of this task group should join the mailing list of the TG. This TG meets in-person at the SSRC Annual Meetings on the Tuesday preceding the SSRC Annual Stability Conference, which is held annually in conjunction with NASCC: The Steel Conference.

TG05 News

  • TG05 webpage is live!

    TG05 friends and colleagues, We are thrilled to launch the TG05 Thin-Walled Structures page. This page will be used for the dissemination of tools and resources, as well as for announcements and updates. Please contact the chair or co-chair if you wish you have your work featured in this space.

  • Research Spotlight: Experimental Study on System Reliability of Cold-Formed Steel Roof Trusses

    2017 Annual Stability Conference Presentation Session SS1A – Stability of Thin-Walled Components and Assemblages Tuesday, March 21, 2017 1:40 pm Experimental Study on System Reliability of Cold-Formed Steel Roof Trusses This paper presents a research project aimed at advancing the treatment of cold-formed steel (CFS) structural reliability in roof trusses. Structural design today relies almost […]