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Beedle Award

The Beedle Award is the highest honor bestowed upon contributing SSRC members.

The Beedle Award was established in honor of the late Lynn S. Beedle, an international authority on stability and the development of code criteria for steel and composite structures. He was a leader and outstanding contributor to the work of the Structural Stability Research Council for a period of more than 50 years, establishing the council as the preeminent organization worldwide in the area of structural stability. Through Lynn Beedle’s dedicated work and leadership in the national and international arenas, the structural engineering profession has seen advanced concepts developed into practical engineering tools. He consistently and successfully endeavored to advance collaboration between researchers, engineers and code writers worldwide.

Recipients of the Lynn S. Beedle Award must meet the following criteria: long-time member of SSRC, a worldwide leading stability researcher or designer of structures with significant stability issues, a leader in fostering cooperation between professionals worldwide, significant contributions to national and international design code development.

The SSRC Executive Committee serves as the award committee. The award may be presented as frequently as annually. An individual can only receive the award once. The award is presented at the SSRC Annual Stability Conference. It consists of a framed certificate, signed by the SSRC Chair and Vice Chair. The Awardee is invited to make the keynote presentation at the Annual Stability Conference, and will receive a travel stipend.

Winners of the Beedle Award

  • 2002 Theodore Galambos

  • 2004 Yuhshi Fukumoto

  • 2005 William McGuire

  • 2006 Joseph Yura

  • 2007 D.J. Laurie Kennedy

  • 2008 Donald Sherman

  • 2009 Wei-Wen Yu

  • 2010 Reidar Bjorhovde

  • 2011 Nick Trahair

  • 2012 Peter Birkemoe

  • 2013 Rene Maquoi

  • 2014 Sriramulu Vinnakota

  • 2015 David Nethercot

  • 2016 Roger LaBoube

  • 2017 LeRoy Lutz

  • 2018 Dinar Camotim

  • 2019 W. Samuel Easterling

  • 2020 Kim Rasmussen

  • 2021 Ron Ziemian

  • 2022 Don White

  • 2023 Roberto Leon

  • 2024 Jerry Hajjar

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