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SSRC Expertise Database

SSRC members constitute the largest collection of structural stability experts in the world. If you are looking to identify and reach out to a member of the Council whose expertise and professional and research activities may align with your needs and interests, please see the list below for brief member bio-sketches and contact information.

Full Database

Link to download

Database by Name

Bishop, Cliff

Blum, Hannah (Task Group 03)

Boissannade, Nicolas

Clayton, Patricia (Task Group 06)

Fahnestock, Larry (SSRC Past-Chair)

Fischer, Erica

Frankl, Bernard (Task Group 04)

Goncalves, Rodrigo (Task Group 02)

Green, Perry

Linzell, Daniel (SSRC Chair)

Peterman, Kara

Quadrato, Craig (SSRC Vice-Chair)

Rosson, Barry (Task Group 03)

Seif, Mina

Subramainian, Lakshmi (Task Group 04)

Weigand, Jonathan (Task Group 06)

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