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Vinnakota Award

The Vinnakota Award celebrates the most promising students performing research in structural stability.

The Vinnakota Award was established in 1997 by Professor Ramulu S. Vinnakota, long-time member of SSRC, in honor of his parents, Sarada M. and Raju A. Vinnakota, who believed in the importance of education and research. The award is given for the best student-authored paper presented at the Annual Stability Conference.

Criteria for the Award
  • The paper shall be based on the thesis or research of an M.S. or Ph.D. student, and must be submitted prior to graduation.

  • The student must be the primary author of the paper

  • The student must be the present in-person at the Annual Stability Conference

  • The student must attend the awards presentation session

The award consists of a certificate and a cash honorarium presented to the student, and a certificate presented to the Professor who is their advisor.

Winners of the Vinnakota Award

  • 2000 Brian Chen

  • 2001 Andrea Surovek

  • 2002 Peter Dusicka

  • 2003 Andrew Sarawit

  • 2004 Nuno Silvestre

  • 2005 O. Ozgur Egilmez

  • 2006 Jose Martinez-Garcia

  • 2007 Jiro Takagi

  • 2008 Mehdi Dastfan

  • 2009 Ian MacPhedran

  • 2010 Duncan Stark

  • 2011 Khanh Le Tran

  • 2012 Mark Denavit

  • 2013 Miguel Abambres

  • 2014 Merih Kucukler

  • 2015 André Martins

  • 2016 Hannah Blum and Enio Mesacasa Jr.

  • 2017 Alireza Farzampour

  • 2018 Bence Jager

  • 2019 Amir Elmaraghy and Luis Vieira

  • 2020 Nuno Peres

  • 2021 Vahab Esmaeili

  • 2022 David Manta

  • 2023 Cheng Huang

  • 2024 Bashar Hariri

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