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Distinguished SSRC Members

SSRC recognizes those members who have provided extraordinary service to the Council with the rank of Distinguished Member.

Distinguished Members are selected by the SSRC Executive Committee. Distinguished Members must have given approximately 25 years of active service to the Council, or approximately 15 years of active service to the Council and are not currently engaged full-time in regular employment. In addition, Distinguished Members should have made significant contributions to the work of the Council. As a small token for their excellent long-time service, Distinguished Members are not required to pay dues to remain in good standing.

Current Distinguished Members of SSRC

  • Professor Peter Birkemoe, University of Toronto

  • Professor Dinar Camotim, University of Lisbon

  • Professor Wai-Fah Chen, University of Hawaii

  • Doctor Franklin Cheng, University of Missouri

  • Professor Patrick Dowling, University of Surrey

  • Professor Duane Ellifritt, University of Florida

  • Professor Yuhshi Fukumoto, Osaka University

  • Professor Theodore Galambos, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

  • Professor Subhash Goel, University of Michigan

  • Mr. Dann Hall, Bridge Software Development

  • Doctor Nestor Iwankiw, Jensen Hughes

  • Professor Roger LaBoube, Missouri University of Science and Technology

  • Doctor LeRoy Lutz, Computerized Structural Design, SC (Retired)

  • Professor René Maquoi, University of Liège (Retired)

  • Doctor Peter Marshall, MHP Systems Engineering

  • Doctor Clarence Miller, Consultant

  • Professor David Nethercot, Imperial College London

  • Doctor Donald Sherman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Retired)

  • Doctor Murray Temple, University of Windsor (Retired)

  • Professor Nicholas Trahair, University of Sydney (Retired)

  • Professor Sriramulu Vinnakota, Marquette University

  • Professor Douglas Wright, University of Waterloo

  • Professor Ben Yen, LeHigh University

  • Professor Chai Yoo, Auburn University

  • Professor Wei-Wen Yu, Missouri University of Science and Technology

  • Professor Joseph Yura, University of Texas at Austin

  • Professor W. Samuel Easterling, Virginia Tech

  • Dr. Perry S. Green, Bechtel Power Corp.

  • Professor Kim J.R. Rasmussen, University of Sydney
  • Professor Donald W. White, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Professor Ronald D. Ziemian, Bucknell University

  • Professor Roberto T. Leon, Virginia Tech

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