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Task Groups

The business of the Structural Stability Research Council is largely conducted through its Task Groups. The current Task Groups (TGs) of the Structural Stability Research Council include:

  • TG02 Members: Stability of Steel Members

Anthony Battistini, Chair, June 2019‐June 2022
Rodrigo Goncalves, Vice‐Chair, June 2019-June 2022

  • TG03 Systems: Stability of Steel Systems, Especially Frames

Barry Rosson, Chair, May 2020‐May 2023
hyeyoung Koh, Vice‐Chair, May 2024-May 2027

  • TG04 Stability of Metal Bridges and Bridge Components

Lakshmi Priya Subramanian, Chair, May 2021-May 2024
Cagri Ozgur, Vice‐Chair, June 2022-May 2024

  • TG05 Thin-Walled Structures

Michael Seek, Chair, May 2021-May 2024
Ben Schafer, Vice‐Chair, May 2021-May 2024

  • TG06 Extreme Loads: Stability under Extreme Loads

Patricia Clayton Chair, May 2021-May 2024
Jonathan Weigand, Vice‐Chair, May 2021-May 2024

The Task Groups meet annually in person at the Annual Stability Conference and also meet periodically in between the annual meetings. The activities of the SSRC task groups include:

  • Yearly forum for discussion of advances in stability research

  • Tackling unresolved technical stability issues through tests, modeling, etc.

  • Informal literature summaries on new/evolving topics

  • World summaries of variance in stability design approaches in codes and standards

  • Software benchmarking for stability problems

  • Experimental benchmarking for stability problems

  • Development of pre-standards on stability design related issues

  • Development of pre-standards on stability test related issues

  • Pre-standards

  • Technical Note / other technical documents

  • Organizing and hosting invited speaker sessions at the Annual Stability Conference

  • Preparation of state-of-the-art reports and material for the SSRC Guide

All SSRC members are encouraged to participate in the SSRC Task Groups. Additional information on leadership and activities of each of the TGs is provided through selecting Resources. Parties interested in the TG activities are encouraged to join the SSRC mailing list, or join SSRC as a member click here. To apply to join a TG, please fill out an online application.


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