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A New Free Tool to Identify Buckling Mode for Thin-Walled Structures Now Available

A new and free buckling mode identification tool (Buckling Cracker 1.0) is now available online at:

Developed by Junle Cai from Dr. Moen’s research group at Virginia Tech, this tool is dedicated to free researchers from subjective and tedious process of determining mode participation visually. Hopefully, this is helpful for strength prediction and design code development of thin-walled structures.

Based on genuine generalized beam theory (GBT), the software uses a novel algorithm to extracts modal amplitudes and modal participation factors quantitatively from 3d displacements field gained by either FEA or experiment for thin-walled members with an open cross-section. Taking advantage of GBT kinematics, the software is applicable to different boundary and loading conditions.

Junle Cai Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) Blacksburg, VA

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