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Announcing the 2024 Yoon Duk Kim - Young Researcher Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the Yoon Duk Kim Young Researcher Award. This award seeks to recognize students or early career professionals who have made a noteworthy contribution to the advancement of structural stability. All applications are due by August 31, 2023.

Apply Now - YDK 2024

This award was established by SSRC in honor of the late Dr. Yoon Duk Kim, who was a vibrant young researcher with a cheerful smile and contagious energy. Dr. Kim contributed greatly to various SSRC initiatives and was a kind and faithful friend to many. This honor consists of a certificate, funding of expenses up to $500 to attend the 2024 Annual Stability Conference, and a $500 cash honorarium. The winner will be announced at the SSRC Business Meeting on March 19, 2024 in San Antonio, Texas. The Yoon Duk Kim Awardis available to current graduate students or young researchers*. The application includes a one‐page application form, a letter of nomination from a current SSRC member, and a transcript providing proof of current enrollment or date of conferral of latest graduate degree. To qualify, the awardee must attend the upcoming Annual Stability Conference. More information is available on the SSRC Website. Please contact SSRC Headquarters at with any questions. *Young researchers are those who have completed a graduate degree in Structural Engineering or an area closely related to Structural Engineering within the last three years, and whose work demonstrates a significant interest in technical initiatives within the purview of the Council.

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