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SSRC Member receives Distinguished Teaching Award

Hannah Blum, center, teaches Civil Engineering 545 (Steel Structures II). Photo: Althea Dotzour

SSRC member Hannah Blum, Ph.D. is set to receive a 2024 Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Highlighted is her use of virtual and mixed reality tools to engage students and show them first-hand what it is like to be a structural engineer. Hannah was recently elected to the SSRC Executive Committee, and we are thrilled to see her success.


Featured in Hannah's picture is a MOLA Kit, one of the teaching aids that can be demoed at SSRC's booth each year at NASCC: The Steel Conference. This past year, the winner of our "Stability Challenge" took home a MOLA Kit of their own. We encourage you to stop by our booth at the 2025 NASCC in Louisville, KY for a chance to win other great prizes!


Click Here for a writeup on Dr. Blum's achievements. 

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