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Report on SDSS 2022

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The 23rd edition of the International Colloquium on Stability and Ductility of Steel

Structures (SDSS 2022) was held at the University of Aveiro, from 14 to 16 of

September. This year’s conference commemorated 50 years for the successful

SDSS colloquia series that started in Paris, France (1972). Prior to Aveiro,

Portugal (2022), the most recent five editions were held in Budapest, Hungary

(2002), Lisbon, Portugal (2006), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010), Timisoara, Romania

(2016) and Prague, Czech Republic (2019).

The International Colloquia on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures, which have

been supported by the Structural Stability Research Council (SSRC) and by the

European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS), have been a forum for

discussion and dissemination, by researchers and designers, of the most recent

advances in theoretical, numerical and experimental research in the field of stability

and ductility of steel and composite steel and concrete structures.

The opening session of SDSS 2022 included remarks from the Rector of the

University of Aveiro (Prof. Paulo Jorge Ferreira), the Director of DECivil (Prof.

Claudino Cardoso), representatives of SSRC (Prof. Larry Fahnestock) and ECCS

(Prof. Bert Snijder) and the Chair of the Organizing Committee of SDSS 2022 (Prof.

Paulo Vila Real).

More than 190 submissions were received from all over the world, and after the

reviewing process, 136 presentations were selected covering many important

issues for modern research on stability and ductility of steel structures. The

conference had 160 participants from 25 different countries, being organized in

three parallel sessions during three days, and four keynote lectures given by

Professors Dinar Camotim (Portugal), Larry Fahnestock (USA), Raffaele Landolfo

(Italy) and Guo-Qiang Li (China). A best paper award was made, and the winner

and the other five nominees will be published in Steel Construction: Design and

Research (Wiley).

The proceedings of SDSS 2022 were published and are available online through

Ernst & Sohn (Wiley) in the online collection for conference papers in civil

engineering, ce/papers (Ernst & Sohn Verlag, Berlin).

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