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Research Spotlight: Interaction Between Patch Loading, Bending, and Shear in Steel Girder Bridges Er

2018 SSRC Annual Stability Conference

Session S6: Stability During Construction Thursday, April 12, 2018 8:00 a.m.

Interaction Between Patch Loading, Bending, and Shear in Steel Girder Bridges Erected with the Incremental Launching Method

In the incremental launching method, bridge girders are subject to stress combinations that may compromise their structural integrity. At the cantilever support, the steel girders are subject to a combination of stresses due to the reaction force (or patch loading), major-axis bending, and shear. This loading condition, known as the M-V- P interaction, may lead to high stress concentrations that may cause local instability in the steel girder panels located at the cantilever support, principally due to high web slenderness ratios. This paper presents the strain/stress measurements captured during the launching process of a steel I-girder system constructed with this methodology. The results show the high stress concentrations that occur during this process. Also, the stress measurements are used as a reference to compare the predictions obtained using available analytical models that predict this interaction.

Telmo Andrés Sánchez and Andrés F. Robalino, ADSTREN, Quito, Ecuador; Carlos Graciano, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Departamento de Ingeniería Civil, Medellín, Colombia

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