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Research Spotlight: Simulation of Conventional Cold-Formed Steel Sections Formed from Advanced High

2017 Annual Stability Conference Presentation

Session SS1A- Technical Presentations: Stability of Thin-Walled Components and Assemblages Tuesday, March 21, 2017 1:40 pm

Simulation of Conventional Cold-Formed Steel Sections Formed from Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)

The objective of this paper is to explore the potential impact of the use of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) to form traditional cold-formed steel structural members. To assess the impact of the adoption of AHSS on cold-formed steel member strength a group of forty standard structural lipped channel cross-sections are chosen from the Steel Framing Industry Association product list and simulated with AHSS material properties. The simulations consider compression with work on bending about the major axis in progress. Three different bracing conditions are employed so that the impact of local, distortional, and global buckling, including interactions can be explored. The simulations provide a direct means to assess the increase in strength created by the application of AHSS, while also allowing for future exploration of the increase in buckling mode interaction, imperfection sensitivity, and strain demands inherent in the larger capacities.

Hamid Foroughi and Benjamin W. Schafer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

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