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Research Spotlight: Spherically-Hinged Short-to-Intermediate Angle Columns: Stability, Non-Linear Be

2017 Annual Stability Conference Preview

Session SS2a – Technical Presentations: Stability of Thin-walled Columns Tuesday, March 21, 2017 3:15 pm

Spherically-Hinged Short-to-Intermediate Angle Columns: Stability, Non-Linear Behavior and DSM Design

This paper reports a numerical investigation on the structural behavior, strength and Direct Strength Method (DSM) design of spherically-hinged (simply supported) short-to-intermediate equal-leg angle columns, thus extending the scope of similar studies recently carried out by the authors for fixed and cylindrically-hinged (simply supported) columns with the same characteristics – hot-rolled (stocky legs – b/t < 20) and cold-formed (slender legs – b/t ³ 20) are dealt with. A modified/proposed DSM design approach, involving new (length-dependent) flexural-torsional strength and reduction factor curves, is shown to lead to safe and reliable failure load predictions for both hot-rolled and cold-formed columns buckling in flexural-torsional modes – the failure load estimates lead to LRFD resistance factors higher than fc=0.85.

Pedro B. Dinis and Dinar Camotim, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

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