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SSRC Announces 2024 Award Winners

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

SSRC is excited to announce that Jerry Hajjar (left) has been selected to be the 2024 recipient of the SSRC Lynn S. Beedle Award. Additionally, we are thrilled to present Dr. Ali Imanpour (right) with the 2023 McGuire "MAJR" Medal.

2024 Beedle Award

This is SSRC's premier award and recognizes individuals who have carried out world-class research in the field of structural stability, and have also made outstanding and decisive contributions to establish SSRC as the leading organization it is nowadays. It was established in honor of the late Lynn S. Beedle, who was an international authority on stability and the development of code criteria for steel and composite structures. Professor Hajjar will receive his award on March 19, 2024 at the upcoming 2024 SSRC Annual Stability Conference, which will be held in conjunction with NASCC: The Steel Conference in San Antonio, TX. He will also give a presentation during a special session at SSRC's conference. We all look forward to celebrating Jerry's work by enjoying what will certainly be a superb lecture.

2023 MAJR Medal

The McGuire Award for Junior Researchers (MAJR Medal) has been established in honor of the late Professor William “Bill” McGuire, a longterm member of SSRC, who emphasized that state-of-the-art research is instrumental to improve the quality of stability design. The award recognizes the research activity of the candidate in a period not exceeding ten years after obtaining their Ph.D. degree.

Dr. Imanpour was chosen for his high-quality and cutting-edge stability focused research, and his strong record of professional engagement seeking to translate research into practice. He will be presented with the award at the 2024 SSRC Annual Stability Conference in San Antonio, TX. Dr. Imanpour will also give a lecture in conjunction with the annual SSRC Business Meeting.

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