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SSRC Honors 2023 Award Winners

Here at SSRC, we take great pride in the contributions that our members make to the field of Structural Stability. Each year we grant a number of awards to the outstanding individuals who have made a demonstrable impact on our organization and others. Whether they are veterans of the industry or just starting their career, we applaud their talent and commitment to research.

Beedle Award 2023 Winner - Roberto Leon

MAJR Award 2022 Winner - Hannah Blum, Ph.D

MAJR Award 2022 Honorable Mention - Ali Imanpour, Ph.D.

Vinnakota Award 2023 Winner - Cheng Huang

Vinnakota Award 2023 Honorable Mention - Andreas Muller

Yoon Duk Kim Young Researcher Award 2023 Winner - Sivaganesh Selvaraj

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