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SSRC Hosts 2021 Innovations for Research-to-Industry Stability Engagement (I-RISE) Summit

Updated: Mar 14

SSRC I-RISE will bring leading steel structural stability researchers together with industry groups and professional associations to have an open exchange about industry needs and SSRC affiliated research activities with the intent of identifying important research needs and problems and selecting talented researchers to quickly address those problems. It will provide an open forum for sharing impactful research activities and findings while also acting as a catalyst for identifying and developing means to address timely needs.


The agenda for the summit can be found here.

Expertise Slides

Expertise slides for SSRC members can be found here.

Quadchart Template

The quadchart template can be found here.

Research Needs Template

The research needs template can be found here.

Our Partners

Day 1 Summary

A group of over 60 researchers and practicing engineers participated in Day 1 of the I-RISE Summit.  A comprehensive summary of the meeting can be found here, and this document provides details on next steps and planning for Day 2.  A research needs statement template, which researchers should use as they develop more in-depth descriptions of potential research projects, can be found here.

Day 2 Summary

Researchers and practicing engineers gathered virtually for Day 2 of the I-RISE Summit to discuss research needs statements (RNS) that have the potential to develop into funded projects in the near future. A summary of the meeting can be found here.

Thank you to all participants!

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